Paula Jane Butterfield: Embrace Walking For Weight Loss

Paula Jane Butterfield a personal trainer tells about the benefits of embrace walking for weight loss. Many people believe that they need to go to a gym or indulge in extreme workout to reduce their weight, but in reality mere exercises like running and walking can also help to reduce a significant amount of weight. People who do not go to gym or swimming also tend to lose weight just by walking regularly. Indeed, a brisk walk of thirty to ninety minutes may lead to weight loss.

Paula Jane Butterfield: Personal Trainer
Paula Jane Butterfield: Personal Trainer


Walk fast to burn calories

According to a study, 150 minutes of walk in a week is quite helpful to stay slim. However, you should walk fast to burn calories, mere walking slowly and aimlessly may not result in anything. Some experts insist that fast walking can increase heart rate, which is very essential for people who want to shed weight.

Paula Jane Butterfield Fitness Trainer
Paula Jane Butterfield Fitness Trainer

Proper walking can improve heart’s health

Indeed, proper walking can improve heart’s health and help you reduce weight. Also it makes sense to walk daily for ten minutes or longer as per you health condition and stamina. It is not only beneficial, but also save your time of going to a gym. Just after warming up, you can kick start simple walking and you can choose your own area from flat road to a mountain.

Walk to a mountain

Of course, to walk to a mountain, you need to extra power and stamina, but it will also reduce your weight in a desired manner. However, if you have a goal, you need to plan you walk accordingly. If you want to reduce weight in a safe manner without wasting your time and money, then you should pick walking.

Reduce weight while staying healthy

It is one of the best ways to reduce weight while staying healthy. However, if you are new to it, you should start walking without worries. First you can walk slowly and gradually improve your walking speed.

Burn extra calories

According to some medical reports, if you want to burn extra calories and stay healthy, you should start walking. Indeed, it is easier than running, skipping as well as other strenuous exercises that require extensive stamina and explosive power. Walking can be easily started and you can walk while talking or doing any other task, which makes it simple, easy as well as effective.

Talk to a friend to go on a walk during

Still some people fail to invest time for walking; hence, they can talk to a friend to go on a walk during morning or evening hours. Just a 15-30 minutes walking can he highly beneficial. In this way, you can inculcate it in your lifestyle and remain healthy for long.

Health experts and nutritionists also recommend

Health experts and nutritionists also recommend walking because it is a great way to stay active while keeping the overall metabolic rate high. Did you know? Your body burns sugars during exercise sessions, which is stored in our body in the form of fuel. No doubt, walking is the simplest and the most amazing form of exercise that can help to reduce weight. So, embrace walking and feel the difference.

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